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What we do

With Over 30+ years in the business we are an experienced team of communicators, collaborators, specialists, thinkers, and doers.



Strategy & Special Projects  

LCM engages and influences people, places and purpose through strategic and creative platforms. It's about telling extraordinary stories! Strategy isn’t easy but super important! The challenge is to select the right elements across design and programming while maintaining brand integrity, consideration of content position and achieving audience connection.

With an experienced team LCM produces special events; major event planning; and corporate theatre with meticulous planning and careful curation.



Every day is different, every itinerary is unique! Working collaboratively to plan the journey is an exceptional experience.

We have a genuine passion for all things performance so artists, creatives, presenters and producers can focus on the audience experience.

LCM collaborates with live industry and creatives showcasing exceptional talent as well as corporate theatre applications representing industry experts and notable achievers.


CREATIVE Content  

With big thinking strategies focused on customer experience and content engagement, LCM is distinctive and unique in the live and built event environments.

Leaders in immersive, rich and dynamic content, LCM combines conceptual approach with inventive experience. We create the unexpected seeking reaction and importantly interaction.


Specialising in concept development and planning, LCM collaborates with multi-faceted experts to provide strategy, concept development, program modelling through to operational planning, community and industry engagement. LCM accommodates creative facilities, venues and precincts capturing community values, commercial potential, educational leadership and destination attractiveness.  


Yolande (LOU) smith

Managing Director / Producer

MMgmt (Arts & Culture) / MMgmt (Events & Tourism) / BA (Arts)
/ Cert.IV (Training & Assessment)

  • ‘Dance’ the ‘Dance’ you ‘Dance’.

  • Ginger Rogers – bad ass in heels!

  • Vinyl – it’s the real deal.

  • Chanel, Peonies & Pearls.

  • New York - You had me at ‘Hello’.

  • Tea Please!

  • A long time ago…

  • Cavalier Cup Cakes.

  • #1 Fan - Wonder Women.

  • There’s No Place Like Home…

  • Snack Talk - Twisties & Coke!


Jennifer (Jenn) Hampstead

Project Manager / Producer

  • Vintage illustration in all its goodness.

  • 80s movies, or modern 80s influenced TV shows and movies.

  • Moxy – Old school hutzpah the likes of Diana Vreeland, Katherine Hepburn and Iris Apfel.

  • A secondhand shop – cavernous or the back room of a church, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.

  • Laughter – makes everybody’s day.

  • Breakfast – I’d rather go out for breakfast than dinner any day!

  • Chocolate – mic drop…

  • Oh give me land… or a room with a view.

  • Book and books and books.

  • Little old houses.

  • Empty sketchbooks.

  • Nooks.



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